Surviving Armageddon

hope evaporates in the haze,
of these bitter vermilion days,
the earth whimpers in mute despair,
humanity lies cold and bare, eyes still ablaze,

both predator and dangled bait,
both believer and apostate,
bathed in the putrid stench of death,
pink remorse distilled from their breath, it is too late,

in the tent of a new drawn day,
a cry, a sigh, an infant ray,
a double helix forms above,
twin rainbows twirl, the dance of love, life finds a way.

The Florette form has 4 line stanzas with an a,a,b,a rhyme scheme and 8/8/8/12 syllables with an internal (b) rhyming requirement on syllable 8 of the fourth line.
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37 thoughts on “Surviving Armageddon

  1. A soft bed..
    a warm shower..
    a car to go wherever
    we wanna go for miles
    and miles.. in comfort shoes..
    oh yes..
    and then
    there’s toilet
    paper.. just
    a hundred years old..
    central heat.. a respite
    from the rest.. sure
    heaven must
    have some
    risk.. so
    we will
    what hell even is..
    before.. heaven
    becomes hell..
    life is challenge..
    survival is the beginning
    and end game.. life
    ain’t for
    a lesson
    too late
    but the cold hard truth
    if one lives long enough to find it
    lose it.. and gain
    it back again..
    like Nike says..
    in Victory instead
    of vengeance way..
    and i’ll add the
    Love in as always
    measure in
    Force NOW of being human.. yes..
    we are the lucky ones.. perhaps..
    in the entire Universe..


  2. Wonderful utilization of the form, & as Grace said, very imaginative rhyme scheme. Many of got real topical with our poems today; smile.


  3. I think you paint exactly that exodus humanity sometimes going through.. and we seem to walking close to the abyss at the moment… I’m watching a series of WWI and WWII at the moment.. and there are parallels to both… I hope we will manage to stay clear of it… otherwise we have to survive through ash and mud… a brilliant florette I wish I had written myself.


  4. I love your last line “twin rainbows twirl, the dance of love, life finds a way.” It was so beautiful, I wanted to cry…life does find a way. Thank you for such a meaningful poem.


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