if everything we ever felt,
for everyone we ever met,
was poured into a big old drum;
would love’s elixir float inside,
would a new emotion spring to life,
or would it be a zero-sum?


46 thoughts on “Zero

  1. and what of the cook, her attitude, and such ingredients as gratitude? So it is with words. It’s not what we say but how we say it. Life is fate, and life is fate. We are all cooks mixing our cauldrons of memories while adding the spices of our attitudes.


  2. Now there’s a philosophical start to the day – if we mix up old emotions do we get something new or just a mix of the past…hmm..great poem..and i am scratching my head..


  3. I’d like to think love’s elixir would be fully mixed and incorporated with all the different parts in that interesting stew inside my pot – that somehow the bad would float to the top and I could skim them off to put to the side and then discard. Interesting thoughts and question.


  4. hmm…I think the cream of the pot (love) would float to the top and perhaps, the sediments to the bottom..I think emotions are hard to contain and perhaps, they would just run over the top of the drum finding a way to be released.


  5. Oh, I love a good philosophical poem. I hope if all my feelings get melted in a drum, they all add up to whatever number equals love. But, I’m really bad at math, so for all I know, that number could be zero.


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