Your Name or Mine

drop a coin in his silver plate
the homeless sky
busking by night
your songs or mine

the one-armed wind picks barbed wire strings
rain taps its feet
on bloodied ground
your side or mine

from the mountain of severed heads
let’s bring new ears
do they still scream
your name or mine

The idea was to write a Minute Poem (12 lines of 60 syllables- in 3 stanzas of 8-4-4-4 syllables each- with aabb/ ccdd/ eeff/ rhyme scheme). The structure worked but it sounded better to me without the forced rhyming, so posting it anyway…

26 thoughts on “Your Name or Mine

  1. Before reading the comments I got the sense of figures on either side of s divide and the (noble, I thought) attempt to empathize against a backdrop of death and suffering. Reading in your comments what you intended makes it even more clear. Very intriguing poem.


  2. I believe I prefer your non-rhyming version of this form. Your refrain with its slight variations worked just as well, I think – or better.


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