Stained with Light

now the shadows are rolled up
stacked against the wall of night
still with incandescent stains
of fires that burnt bright

In Dodoitsu form which requires four lines withย 7-7-7-5 syllables

48 thoughts on “Stained with Light

  1. This is truly poetically and artistically beautiful. You have crammed so much into your poem. I think it is much easier to ramble on and on and on with words than to condense thoughts to their essence as you so well can do. To me there is much more artistry in brevity! Smiles. Now to your poem…I like the idea of shadows rolled up. Sometimes the clouds do indeed look that way….or maybe at eventide it is the mountains in the distance that look that way as well. And, yes, those bright sunsets do look like fire…beautiful to behold (as is your poem).


  2. Powerful fresh images–rolling and stacking walls of night–but not erasing the memories of people’s activities in the dark. I wish I could say I only thought of sex and affection and not also shootings and crashes and house fires. I cannot help feeling these “stains” reported throughout the day and blinking like neon. Brilliant poetry!

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  3. I keep coming back to this piece, Rajani. I love the way it plays with light and shadow, and evokes this feeling of history being rolled and stacked in the night– something brilliant that once was, and now is rolled and set aside. It’s still here, but it’s not quite what it was… Could it be unrolled and set before the light? And if so, would we wander through it once again?



    1. Beautifully interpreted Michael…. yes it’s never quite finished, but it’s never the same again is it! Maybe our souls whirl in orbits just like all matter, so we keep facing the light and darkness in turn.

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