Delicate Shift

filigree earrings
as she speaks.

He watches
candlelight patterns
on the wall.

A Septolet (Seven lines containing fourteen words with a break in between the two parts, Β both parts deal with the same thought and create a picture.) linked to Poets United.

40 thoughts on “Delicate Shift

  1. Such a sweet glimpse… (I must write my own Septolet soon… they seem to jump at me from everywhere).

    By the way, the first time I read the poem’s title, I failed to notice the “f” in “Shift”… So, as you might imagine, I roared like a lunatic.


  2. Hopefully as he watches the pattern on the walls,
    he is paying attention to what she is saying.

    Cause it sounds quite emotional,
    and I would hate to think he did not care.


  3. Amongst all the lovely poems being written in answer to the prompt, this perhaps takes the prize for delicacy. πŸ™‚ And thank you for introducing me to a new form which I now itch to try.

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