Crystal Cobweb

sweet tears of parting
strung on gossamer threads
around dawn’s soft neck


sweet tears of parting
from the dark eyes of the night
still bearing your scent

unspoken words
strung on gossamer threads
straining the moonlight

broken promises
weave a web of untruths
around dawn’s soft neck

Troiku (TP Variant) linked to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai  where the prompt is “Crystal Cobweb”

7 thoughts on “Crystal Cobweb

  1. Wonderful – what starts as a powerful, beautiful haiku, opens up to reveal a ‘sting in its tail’ – what a unique, original idea, refreshing, and works so well. It has changed the whole idea of Kristjaan’s troiku, into soething exciting and new, carrying hidden messages. You are a writer of rare talent and insight.

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  2. Ah … the tears of betrayal … gossamer drops on a spider’s web – for me the symbol of invisible danger, the poor fly only realizes its peril when it’s too late … intriguing a well written troiku with many layers of meaning and love how you placed it in that lovely photo! Brava Thotpurge.

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