Conversations with a Poet

“We write to leave a trail that says:
to find me, come this way”
©Sherry Blue Sky
Inspired by the last two lines of Sherry Blue Sky’s beautiful thought provoking poem “Why we write”. Does the interpretation of a poem reveal the reader’s thoughts much more than it explains the vacillations of the poet’s mind? I wonder….

There are more truths in a barstool stain,
than in the iambic catharsis of a poet’s pain.

…but what if my poems are rain clouds,
with the lost recipe for petrichor…?
… what if they are a five spice trail
a treasure map to a forgotten soul…?

A blinking cursor between garrulous lines?
So every voyeur can track the signs?

…maybe these verses are dead stars,
a bloody path to a buried past…?

I made a list of your Freudian slips,
(alphabetized and hyper-linked of course)
and a matrix of metaphors by texture and mood.
Oh, I can read the pattern in the broken shards,
the jagged edges of angst and hope,
the kintsugi flares over reconstructed time,
But that can be anyone,
that is everyone,
not just you.

…maybe the welded stanzas are magic mirrors
reflecting your thoughts as your lips move,
you follow the trail your mind reveals,
it switches back, comes back to you.

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43 thoughts on “Conversations with a Poet

  1. a fabulous dialogue between the rooted one and the flyer – how one makes the other sound so frivolousl and almost silly and by so doing conveys a somewhat harsh and cynical rationalist. ‘the jagged edges of angst and hope’ the life blood of poetry ,

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  2. What a wonderful meditation on Sherry’s words – which became uniquely your own..the list of Freudian slips made me smile..i think you are right – poetry probably helps us understand ourselves if we are lucky others understand too but that poetic mirror is the thing that counts


  3. Some words, example from Sherry’s, could bring the best in a poet – being a poet itself and being a reader.

    Same as Bjorn’s I thought this is a conversation of one poet to his / her self. Well-played, Thotpurge.


  4. Awesome, read before, came back to re-read, will read again for sure,
    real poetry, first that I have seen on a blog in over seven years of blogging.
    Many inspirations are coming forth from your lines,
    glad to credit you and provide links, you deserve and demand to be recognized.
    No disrespect for JP, who provided me with your introduction, her talent for
    prose and poetry from abstract prompts cannot be matched.
    Too much thinking for a Sunday morning …
    Love, hugs and looking forward to more … ME

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  5. Wow, this is a fabulous write, my favourite of yours, I do believe. So nice my quote sparked your poem. I love when that happens. The lines that really stood out for me is “what if our poems are rain clouds with the lost recipe for petrichor?”…!


  6. If it is a trail–isn’t it interesting that the two voices hardly hear each other (until “reason” begins to analyze “emotion”)? You are on to something here whether it is a poet’s two selves or two poets!


  7. maybe the welded stanzas are magic mirrors
    reflecting your thoughts as your lips move,

    It is often seen this way! One cannot help but notice the giveaways. Whatever moves our mind to the writing it is certainly one that comes from our thoughts. Truly said Thotpurge!


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  8. Excellent opening lines. You made me sit up and take notice. Ha.
    There is truth there as well. I feel like this is almost an internal dialogue
    with some nice wit poured in as well. Ha.

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  9. So wonderful to visit a second time & again the kintsugi line captures my heart. Also love: but what if my poems are rain clouds, / with the lost recipe for petrichor…? & the dead stars lines.


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