In the Morning Light

in the morning light
sunshine trapped between its toes
footprints in the dust

in the morning light
darkness wrapped in salty black
waits outside my door

down the empty street
sunshine trapped between its toes
a shadow walks away

night fills the outline
of retreating memories
footprints in the dust

After I wrote this, I realized it wasn’t true to Chèvrefeuille’s Troiku form. He uses each line of the base haiku as the first line of the subsequent three. I have retained the lines in their original position to stay close to the 5-7-5 syllable count. Posting this one anyway, will try again to write a true Troiku. Linking to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Imaginary Garden.

44 thoughts on “In the Morning Light

  1. I think you created a new form so you get to name it! 😉
    For now I’ll just call it ‘Thotpurge’s Troiku’ (variation).

    I’m a rebel when it comes to forms. New and different is good.
    Thanks for visiting my post on the prompt and I hope you got to eat some tomatoes. 🙂


  2. Wonderful, regardless of whether it followed a given form. I was quite enchanted!

    I’m deconstructing my URL because WordPress interprets URL’s as Spam, in my experience.
    poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com slash 2015 slash 08 slash the-ballad-of-benjamin dot html


  3. Maybe it doesn’t adhere strictly to the Troiku form – but I think this resonates with a strength and clarity – that works in the way you have used the repetition.

    The imagery is great – intriguing and stunning.


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