July in Southern India, monsoon clouds still stalk the lush Sahyadri hills even as impromptu cascades skip through clouds and trees. Nature at her sensuous best, now a wild song in the sky, now pooling gently in dimpled skin, now just watching, half hidden in the mist, her amused face floating on her fragrant hands.

rain fairies dance
wearing silver bell anklets
down the Sahyadri

Linked to the Carpe Diem Haiku Kai prompt “Midsummer”

23 thoughts on “Midsummer

    1. Thank you.. flattery is quite lovely some times 🙂 That’s a picture taken at Lonavla during some long ago monsoon… seriously there are fairies in our hills, that’s for sure. (birds also)

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  1. As I said I will comment a touch more. This haiku tantalises the senses. When you read about clouds ”stalking”, and its on your nlog, then you KNOW you are in for a treat! I am sure it is just instinct on your behalf, but I find that geographically naming places in a haibun ”grounds” the haibun and gives it a solid base; something really extra. The way you described the location was wonderful, in simple, effective tone and style. And for me the name of those lush hills is quite exotic. The rest of your haibun I just won’t say anything – the pleasure of reading does not need to be commented on, just enjoyed enjoyed very much, and with your haiku you made those silver bell anklets rather sensual – and so much so………………………………………….I bought two anklets from a new Indian shop here, and gave one of them to a woman working at a shoe shop who helped me choose work shoes for my daughter, modelling them for me-so really I had to! THAT is what your haibun do…..

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    1. That is incredible!! Am so glad there are Indian run shops where you are that sell silver anklets..such a wonderful gift for a nice lady. So glad this happened Hamish… delightful! Thanks a ton!


      1. Yes, the small shop opened by a Bengali family who also have a restaurant, which sadly always looks quite empty, but has good food. I have to be careful, your writing can be dangerous! Only joking, very exotic imagery in your words, and there was something very nice about giving the spontaineous gift.

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