One by One

Twilight drips
into the hollow of my palm,
curling under my nails,
charring my hands,
obsidian marbles,
strung on a ray of soft sunlight,
running down my fingers,
one by one,
counting my prayers;

beyond that swaying belt of trees,
a row of crows,
a silent vigil,
perhaps just empty silhouettes
pasted on the cardboard air,
the birds long gone;
my frozen feet hurry,
one by one,
chasing my prayers.

the lid of the night
closes over the
open sores of the earth,
the seeping pus gleams
in the last red threadΒ of sunset,
then from its muddy throat
come the screams,
one by one,
taunting my prayers.


52 thoughts on “One by One

  1. The opening line drew me straight into this world..the sense of being alone..witnessing a world that is scary and uncontrollable falling through our one to hold onto..can certainly relate..makes me think of your comment – how our minds never stop…and yet perhaps on the outside no one would ever know…i am glad therefore for our words

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  2. Dang. That last stanza is vivid. It really makes the poem. I like how you use details to really set this up. whew, those screams though interrupting prayers in the end, i can hear them.

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  3. It has a dark undertone – somewhere between mystery and fantasy which I like, Thot.

    Are we living in real life or a part of a fantasy world. Being alone i guess can answer it.


  4. WOW, this is powerful – counting my prayers, chasing my prayers, then that scream taunting my prayers. Visually and emotionally, this poem has great impact. Especially the pus in the earth at sunset.

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