Starfish Clues

The poet leaves clues- a trail of phosphorescent starfish from the depths of his impetuous inspiration to the foamy tips of his salt crusted verses. Sometimes you can uncover his secrets, hidden in the iridescent armpits of ancient coral, but mostly, you just let the moody waves wash over your thirsty skin and fill the emptiness between your toes with soulful sand.

In the summer night,
While the evening still seems here,
Lo! The dawn has come.
In what region of the clouds
Has the wandering moon found place?
(by Kiyowara no Fukayabu in Clay MacCauley’s translation of the anthology Hyakunin Isshuv-36)

Do you feel the balmy caress of a short summer night, so fleeting that evening turns to dawn in the blink of a dark eyelid, turning the moon into a stranger at his own party. What becomes of a moon that is turned away by the night? Or of a poet stranded by a squally love that left as unexpectedly as it came?

lonely wayfarer
familiar as a lover’s breath
the blanket of stars

Linked to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai where the prompt asks for a haiku/tanka that inspired us as well as an all-new haiku to go with it.
Also here’s the link to the beautiful haiku by Forest Tinker (Hamish Gunn) who mentions my poem Waltzing Rainbows in his post.

9 thoughts on “Starfish Clues

  1. Your words come and go like waves, almost at random, so that one, as the reader may choose to see them in different (moon)light each time, at nce through the eyes of the artist, or poet, then painter, and in the next wave philosopher, and then gorgeously, richly, sensually. Words, thoughts, poetry, ideas or haibun that makes me think always works for me. I don’t need sentimentality, or a diattribe against society, nor the sufferings of the writer. What I crave is questions I did not know even existed, like the ones posed here, which reminds me of director Antonionii’s response about his film ‘Blow Up,” where he said answers were not important, but that the quality of the questions was.
    Thank you for sitting down and taking the time to write this piece – it was a delight on all those levels, and therefore thank you too for taking the walks needed, for letting the sand really touch your toes and thus not faking good writing. For THAT is the real quaility of your haibun, that they are real, and true, and not merely cleverly-designed syntax and semantics, that can fool some, some of the time.
    After reading your pieces, I can guarantee that my tea, or coffee that I always need tastes that little bit different, that little bit better – I won’t pick out the lovely parts of your writing that combine so well to make the whole – I’m sure you have a fair idea which they are, as the writer. Well done.

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    1. Thank you as always, your words are very generous. But they give me the energy to keep at it! I don’t have a tumblr account so I can’t comment on your posts.. but someday I’ll probably gather them all together and write about them 😀


  2. Hey of course you don’t have to do that! Just let yourself be appreciated. I think the comments sent to you from here are real above all – you give a lot anyway through your writing, and as I choose to live quite simply among trees it’s also just to get on with things, without too many comments on my stuff anyway! (You know, that— ‘oh I love your post’…rubbish we read). I care only about quality. Your posts are philosophical, exotic, culturally.interesting, sensual, word massages and word balancing acts. (Once I’ve decided someone writes really well nothing shakes that belief, so no pressure). Cheers.

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