Micropoetry on Twitter offers an exciting challenge, a totally different style of articulation – more intensity and immediacy, a heightened flavour brought on by the constraints of the platform.
Gathered some of my recent tweets (my twitter ID is @tp_poetry), some were in response to prompts by @SoulSoulwords and @fieryverse.

his tankas were like
old fashioned dolls
that blinked their eyes
when you rocked them to sleep

tonight’s muse
snores in his sleep
the insomniac daisy
rolls over and blinks the moonlight from her eyes

sleeping rainbow
wishes for rain
in its summer dreams

monsoon clouds
gather in the map room
plotting deluges

filtered darkness
weaves magic spells on the forest floor
but the wily canopy
keeps the stars for itself

in the shadow of the peepal tree
yesterday’s moonlight
gathering dust

sitting on a zafu island
the mind remembers
the healing ripples
of the tatami sea

stretch the moon
till it is a silver line
separating your night
from mine

touching the rim of the evening sky
fingertips of my dreams
stained orange

drifting memories
pause suddenly
something seems familiar


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