This Poetry Affair

This delectable affair with poetry burns softly; its languorous embers raising their dream-singed eyebrows only when the aroma of gourmet verse wanders into its temperamental tandoor, filling the air with nameless spices, a dash of faraway flowers, tempered with stardust.

Shinoburedo/ Iro ni ide ni keri/ Waga koi wa/ Mono ya omou to/ Hito no tou made/
Though I would hide it,
In my face it still appears —
My fond, secret love.
And now he questions me:
“Is something bothering you?”
(from Clay MacCauley’s translation of the anthology Hyakunin Isshu -40)

Before the savoury hour in which James Kavanaugh whispered in the soundless aisle of a Borders book store, before the scrumptious moment when Robert Bridges waved from a street stall on Notting Hill, before Tagore and Khayyam stretched out their hands from dad’s bookshelf, fingers dripping fresh yellow ghee; those lines of a 10th century waka by Taira no Kanemori, sated the hunger of silent adolescent angst, stoking the eternal flame of unrequited poetic romance.

signed on the fly leaf
of a book in the flea market
“with love forever”

Linked to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai where the prompt asks for a haiku/tanka that inspired us as well as an all-new haiku to go with it.

14 thoughts on “This Poetry Affair

    1. Thanks so much Laura… that poem by Taira no Kanemori is a lovely example of elegant writing I think.. such a simple thought so beautifully articulated.. I tried to frame my haiku in keeping with the mood of his poem. 🙂

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  1. oh i like this much – poetry is a treat that satisfies in the most beautiful way with all its scents and tastes…hmmm… like a wonderful dish… and yet leaves us ever hungry for more


  2. I agree with Kristjaan and Dee, sometimes everything is said with a ‘wow.’
    Your writing here was more delectable than any sugar finery after a meal or with tea, even on a moody, rainy afternoon on a porch verandah with wonderful green Kerala views. As a reader it is liberating to be a part of your rich world of words, but spicy too, and sensual, enough to make me stay sitting on that ‘veranda’ alone, to read it again and ponder, even if a loved one sighed almost crossly, slightly out of focus in the background, on the couch in her own finery.
    I think this was one of your very best pieces of writing, infused with so many tastes at once.

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    1. That comment is so generous, but also so beautiful, I’m smiling as I read it for the umpteenth time 🙂 I was on the Vembanad Lake in Kerala a few years back in the monsoon watching the snake boat race… was transported there instantly 🙂 Thank you so much!


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