Summer Sky

See the heavy pregnant clouds, blotting the summer sky.
Melting beneath eagle wings, fanning the summer sky.

I hear them call, before I hear, the footsteps of the rain.
Cupped in their palms the last sunbeam, fighting the summer sky.

With leaves and grime, those memories, drip down the sobbing roof.
Pluck dead stars out of their hair, cursing the summer sky.

They take my hand, we stumble through an ancient downpour.
Splash darkness from the puddles, staining the summer sky

Water whispers to the earth, messages from the clouds.
We eavesdrop, under the trees, mourning the summer sky.

(in Ghazal Form)


34 thoughts on “Summer Sky

    1. Thank you Sherry.. some technical glitch wasn’t letting me leave a comment on your poem.. loved the line: “for fear
      the wound of blooming will be
      life-threatening” ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Strong images! Of course we mourn the summer sky, but also notice the beauty of the storm. This is my favorite: “Splash darkness from the puddles, staining the summer sky.”

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  2. aaah…i can hear the “rimjhim” in the lines of your ghazal…love it when the blazing summer sky is stained with the thick, black monsoon clouds…


    1. Thank you Jae Rose, glad you liked it. Once again, wasn’t able to leave a comment earlier on your lovely poem using my WP ID… the line “Time skips rope on the spot” brought the whole poem together for me.


  3. I love the notion of “pregnant clouds”—that’s something fresh to my ears. Just Lovely! Haven’t done a Ghazal before, but it somewhat looks & sounds interesting enough to try to. Well done! Thanks for the poem.

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  4. I love how the images in your poem become alive, you walking with memories, while water/rain pouring and healing…what a wonderful refreshing poem! x


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