Cloud over the Lake

cloud over the lake
tucks an errant lock of rain
behind her dry ear

Linked to Carpe Diem #748 clouds
My cascading haiku set is here: Grey Cloud Trail

31 thoughts on “Cloud over the Lake

  1. I think that could be defined as haiku magic – uniquely original in a genre that is very, very difficult to be so luxuriously different. I am well aware there are pieces you have written that I must catch up with arriving in my email, and a richly textured haiku likes this only serves to remind me how much I enjoy good writing.

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  2. This is my kind of tightly packed poem hit the nail on the head kind of poem. Goes well with this one of mine on the New Moon:
    A single strand of moon
    Loose curl of light
    First silver hair
    in a shock of dark night

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