Original Secret

Inside unblinking eyes, a mocking wave reveals the mantra of creation- sometimes exposing a soft blue shoulder, sometimes flicking a questioning toe, sometimes letting the wind peel her gossamer veil of froth.

Do we rush to the ocean’s edge, so the original mysteries can sing to us like finely tuned conch shells. Do we know that everything, that has any meaning, is tucked inside the damp crease of the horizon where the sky folds into the sea? Do we watch the tide waltz with the moon in a primal circadian rhythm that echoes inside our borrowed souls? If this is where it began, is this where it will end?

looking back at the waves
I see my footsteps
following me

Muscat, Oman

10 thoughts on “Original Secret

  1. Ai ai ai – as we say in France, beguiling. a very special haibun – and Muscat! Not many places better than Oman. Really, almost too difficult to comment yet again. I feel forced to find a piece of yours I do not like, just to put some balance in – and show you my sincerity, but you make it hard! I think the best word is mesmerising, as above – in style and content. You grasped haibun so well, and when it is written like this, again in style and content, it is hard to beat as a writing form.

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    1. Thank you Hamish…am trying to remember and distill my experiences at each place, it’s hard though to articulate in a generic way without dragging the personal through it. I shall live and learn 🙂

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