Darkness stumbled in,
bruised and bleeding black;
there had been a collision, they said,
due west of the horizon,
with a stubborn day,
drunk on the fast lane,
unwilling to leave.

His wagon had tipped over;
dream shards scratched the purple sky;
sacks of sleep stretched and yawned,
floated away in passing cloud tubs;
but passion lay where it had fallen,
its mood deflated,
its eyes empty of need.

Light streamed in
through his shredded skin
seeking wide open eyes;
fevered minds tossed,
restive, awake,
in their solitary beds.

But this night
that has turned up empty-handed,
that cannot turn off the day;
what good can come of such a night
that left my last dream
on a starlit highway?

53 thoughts on “Collision

  1. Shocking dream!…sometimes such nightmares give us alert to be careful in everyday life….~ stunning images of what could be real ‘but passion lay where it had fallen,
    its mood deflated,
    its eyes empty of need.’

    ~ the last thought that the tragedy can’t stop the day…reminds of gratitude for every breath… ~ thank you! Powerful poem!


  2. Made me think of the reality of witnessing a highway tragedy, but also of the sadness/bitterness of confronting depression. That last line is haunting and powerful. Very good writing!


  3. Dramatic pain-ting of clash between night and day at sunset…emotional twist of daily event can be interpreted in a myriad of colorful ways…achingly beautiful writing.

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  4. “But this night
    that has turned up empty-handed,
    that cannot turn off the day;”

    one wants to feel and empathize with the sadness, then this bit of defiance, which changes the whole mood for the reader, a very challenging poem

    much love…


  5. even if we scream for justice, death caused by irresponsible driving is irreversible. we cannoy bring them back alive.

    such a powerful and thoughtful piece you have written Thot!


    1. Thank you Totomai… appreciate your comment. I was using “drunk” metaphorically but you’re right about responsible driving… it has irreversible consequences.


  6. Senseless deaths on the highway are forever embedded in our minds and the repercussions of such events on not only on the families, but the witnesses, the ambulance crews, the police and even the maintenance crews trying to put it all back together again except the ones gone and those left behind. Stunning piece of writing.

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  7. This has the ring of a nightmare. A collision, bruised and bleeding black, shredded skin. After such a dream, one would really be thankful for light of day.


  8. This is intensely vivid. The words guide the eyes of the reaer to view and feel the subject from multiple angles.

    – Enigma


  9. your poetry has crept through the portal of mortal thought and exploded into a wild and wonderful dimension of incandescent being. I am at once awed and thrilled that you are sharing your mental wanderings. Wow!

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