Monsoon Countdown

Dervishes dance in swirling robes of grey,
circling around our summer emptiness,
the gloomy cadence of the flutes of May,
remember monsoon songs of loneliness.
In opaque mists, a thirsty heart still pines,
shadows huddle in a dissonant head,
broken quatrains shiver on rain drenched lines,
skies cough and wheeze in murky cloaks of dread.
A eulogy lingers, wrapped in oilskin,
memories trickle from a choir of leaves,
the deluge outside floods the soul within,
a watery dirge plays under the eaves.
Like petrichor, love once rose with the breeze,
while rainbows twisted through the verdigris.


32 thoughts on “Monsoon Countdown

    1. Thanks Gabriella, the monsoon will hit us here in India in a week or so and we can expect three months of rain…it’s a beautiful yet dramatic time of the year.


        1. No, was just looking at the whirling clouds overhead… though I have watched the dervishes dance in Turkey and they are quite mesmerizing, so maybe a quiet memory there! Maybe!!


  1. Here in WA state we get a week or two of rain once in a decade; but your monsoons would devastate the area; not ecologically prepared it seems. I like the line /broken quatrains shiver on rain-drenched lines.

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  2. Ah, yes, May does not just bring lazy, shimmery summer heat, but also monsoon weather. I love the almost excess of imagery of running, dripping, streaming water and the variations of grey you bring to the poem!

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  3. From our summer emptiness, which really exists, to the memories that trickle from a choir of leaves, I feel some kind of fatal, magnetic attraction to your words. But what disciplined cadence to this poem, even is it is intoxicating and dangerou to my senses! Perhaps the lines resonate so well because even so cleverly decorated they feel real, and what is honest, and true is being said: they are not just powerful, and pretty.

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  4. Truly it’s amazing how much of darkness and
    light in way of human emotions and senses
    become the environment itself.. in associations..
    of feeling life.. and more amazing when we
    control those association in mostly light..:)


  5. I have read this several times over the last two days and each time I am more moved than the last. This is exquisite. I adore all of it, but these lines in particular get me every time: “memories trickle from a choir of leaves, the deluge outside floods the soul within,” Excellent write 🙂

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