Tasting of old ice cubes, cloaked in the colour of a wordless poem, like a watercolour that peeled away from its canvas, the morning draped itself on the inscrutable contours of the earth’s visage.

Was this morning so far away that even thoughts, worming away at tangents, could not find it? Had the primal ensemble of nature’s orchestra been hushed by the motionless hand of an invisible conductor? Had perpetuity wandered into a freeze frame at the edge of all impossibility?

Or is so much happening, at such a feverish pace -this monochrome churn of sensations and emotions, of predator and prey, of dawn and night, of life and death- all tumbling through the void at intolerable speed, that the numbed mind can barely comprehend any movement?

lone osprey
hears the water breathe
eyes see what they seek

Bhadra Reserve, India

51 thoughts on “Morning

  1. Ah, you have captured the moment, it’s really stopped under your pen, “Had perpetuity wandered” ? …I think this metaphor we can relate to our lives all at the end summarised as collection of stop- moments in frames of our mind’s eye…and as conclusion your wise haiku about hearing and seeing perception thru the osprey point….amazing!

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  2. Tasting of old ice cubes….what an incredibly creative description!! Would never have thought of that, but now that you mention it, old ice cubes DO have a taste….super creative descriptor here 🙂

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  3. What do old ice-cubes taste like? tepid old water? All the images speak to me of disappearance–contrary to expectation, perhaps–but somehow as welcome as nature itself. So fast, it’s still. Love that! I think the Osprey’s ability to perceive–something that is a mystery to me–is the perfect suspension of ending!

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  4. I really enjoyed this haibun. I think my favorite line is “Had the primal ensemble of nature’s orchestra been hushed by the motionless hand of an invisible conductor?” which is such a rich metaphor. And then the ending — such peacefulness in that haiku. Really a fine poem all around.

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    1. Thank you Mary… find haibun to be quite challenging, having to co-ordinate the prose and poetry bits without actually repeating oneself, still adding somehow to the description of a journey.


    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment Sumana… am still experimenting with haibuns… have a couple more posted on my site..this was the second one I wrote.


  5. You’ve really grown into this form, Rajani –! Comparing the morning to the taste of old ice cubes is brilliant. And the questions you’ve posed – very intense 🙂

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  6. This is you at your best. Haibun is my favourite writing form, and this is……really special, a treasure trove I found. I cannot stress how impressed I was. If I may just say that paragraph 1 and 2 both start with the same phrasing, which is slightly off-putting.
    Wonderful piece though

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  7. Beautiful philosophical thoughts Rajani… still pondering all that is wrapped up in your words… Brilliantly written… Thanks for sharing with us…
    Hope your day is most beautiful…

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