They must’ve planned it with the wind and the dunes – maybe that’s what all that whispering and rustling was about! At noon, in the Wadi, suddenly, blue and brown melted into a dark roar; and disappeared behind giant beige curtains that viciously whirled their coarse, unfriendly wings. What secrets do they keep from us, the stoic mountains, the temperamental sky, blinding us to their clandestine trysts?

When the dust settles, will they appear unmasked -their naked faces, split open in laughter or streaked with tears, the dregs of their conversation still quivering in the warm mouths of their coffee cups?

gravelly tears
eyes drink the familiar light
tasting anew

Wadi Rum, Jordan

10 thoughts on “Sandstorm

  1. Even the locations you write about I know and adore! I will read more with pleasure today. I did not comment on a superb haiku about car windows you posted, but when I understood it I couldn’t – was so sensual and seductive it affected me too much. Anyway, wonderful poetry. But these haibun…great!


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