This Hour

watch how the candle burns, from the tallow of this hour
clocks stand with folded arms, how will time follow this hour

clouds and stars shut their eyes, bombs rain down on naked fear
who will count heads and limbs, red rivers overflow this hour

death cries into trembling hands, its lifeline smudged by tears
humanity twists up in smoke, charred souls bellow this hour

shredded screams like fireworks, streak across the swollen sky
one last child, one last wail, who will bear sorrow this hour

somewhere the world sleeps in peace, somewhere the flowers bloom
someone checks one more box, in a screen’s blue glow this hour

(In Ghazal format)
April:#32- 21/30


15 thoughts on “This Hour

  1. Bravo! This is so sad, so real … what a wonderfully moving ghazal! We should all try to address this aspect of our nature more often … painful senseless war and unfortunately there really are so few places of peace on this planet – maybe without war, but not with peace, if that makes sense.

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  2. We may check a box on a screen for news stories but the violence is real, the blood is a child’s, and a mother bears the sorrow. Maybe words can be a weapon to restore some sanity to this world!


    1. Thanks Lynn, one would hope indeed that something will end the cycle of violence…. the checking of the box in my mind was by the person who initiated the operation… “task done”… does that work?


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