Like a hobbled bird
the last verse pouts,
I caress broken wings,
glance at pleading eyes,
don’t free me,
it cries,
you know I’m still a lie.

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Posted in 3WW Week No. 423 (Caress,Glance,Pout)
April:#27- 17/30
01/07/15: Linked to Poets United

46 thoughts on “#50

          1. The muses like to toy with us though — it’ll land on your shoulder and then right as you reach for it — fwoop! — flutter away. BUT — we can keep hoping, right? πŸ˜‰


  1. Oh, that bird reminds me of myself refusing to be free. Unused wings lose their function though! She’d better hurry. This is an amazing poem for our prompt, but we’d like a brand new poem if you are feeling free . . .

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  2. I love the image of the last verse pouting like an injured bird..maybe it is pouting because writing is where we can tell the truth? let her fly free and see her smile..or cry..both can be good!


  3. This is TRULY an incredible poem. Liars can never free themselves from deceit.. Ultimately, they stay imprisoned to cover up their lives…Powerful n crisp…Like it very much, thotpurge!


  4. Just wonderful. I shall be thinking about those lines as I work in the forest today – the birds very much there. There is one thing I know. MOST people do not want freedom, and are scared of it, much as they proclaim to ”follow” the concept of freedom. Of course, the very second we follow something, we remove our freedom from it. But I am amazed at the hypocrasy of the online world, which unlike the real world shouts about free speech all the time, yet censors any comments that are not Absolute praise. (many blogs). The lie, you wrote, is real, and truth a fake designer label.


    1. True Hamish, Don’t know how one can live “in the grid” and be truly free… the need to belong to the grid in itself negates freedom as you rightly said. Then again, internally, the freedom to express oneself is not absolute- because of the diktats of the online space we choose to occupy and also because of our own fears… its a discussion that can go on for ever, can it not. Do we even know what to do with absolute freedom, if we ever get it!


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