Spring Sun

sitting on the hill
counting empty freight wagons
the spring sun and I

April:#19- 11/30

22/7/15: Linked to Dverse Poets

32 thoughts on “Spring Sun

    1. So true Katie.. can never resist counting carriages when a train rushes past.. some leftovers from childhood I suppose..and just like you said..they unleash new trains of thought..thanks so much for stopping at this station for a while 🙂


  1. We used to go to the tracks, and sometimes we could find the little iron-ore pellets when an overloaded train had crossed the rough tracks at our crossing. We’d stuff our pockets with the pellets and use them for our sling-shots.


  2. When I was 6, we took a cross-country train trip. Looking out the windows, I saw a huge pile of rocks on the edge of a farmer’s field. “Mommy, is that the Rocky Mountains?”. My mother laughed for years about that.

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