Between us,
the cold silhouette
of silence,
chewing the end
of night’s sequinned shawl,
swatting stubborn debris
of impossible expectations.

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For the Poetry Jam prompt: Impossibility
April:#17- 10/30


17 thoughts on “#48

      1. in Mexico, cocoa is the elixir of the gods, as I prefer to think of your poetry. It is true though, that I must avoid overindulgence, but I can savor the thought that you are sharing your sweets with th rest of the world.

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    1. Thanks so much Mary… I like playing around with the 140 char format. Expectations are tricky aren’t they, usually don’t have a good ending 🙂


  1. “the cold silhouette
    of silence”

    This is so true… if there is silence between two people… the tension seems to build up and the relationship goes out of control..!!
    Your poem passes off this message in a strong and powerful manner of imagery..!!
    Loved it 🙂


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