Brewing Gold

Every night, I looked up
and words slithered down
glistening arches of cloud,
indulgent stars
dotted every ‘i’,
moods bathed in the wind,
like virgin brides,
throwing bouquets of orange and blue;
the shivering alchemy
of soul and silver moonlight
bubbled into another golden dawn.

Every night, I looked up,
and the sky wrote my poems,
the sky that could have touched me,
the sky that could have loved me,
the sky with cold arms, just out of reach.
So I sat upon a toadstool cloud,
tepid suns warming my feet,
bird shadows fluttering across my page,
my back against the curve of the moon,
and begged the earth to be my muse.

But this earth, this old earth is dying;
her soft light entombs
another young shroud
where there should be no more;
along arches of starving bellies,
through red tongues of gunfire,
among pitiless human hearts
and gluttonous inhuman wars,
my heaving, belching, wheezing earth
writhes like an ageing whore, dying.

Every day, I look down
and hear her denial of despair,
despair that hugs me close
despair that waits at my door,
despair that clings like a lover,
but the earth refuses to write my poems;
this incessant stirring of death and fear,
this boiling cauldron of pain and tears,
I tell her one day they will turn into gold,
we smell the entrails of faith in the brew,
all that could be said lies grey in the embers,
she has not one word left for my poems.


37 thoughts on “Brewing Gold

  1. Feel of huge space playground -like when you try to write the poem and involve stars, sun, sky and earth… ~ and narrator – collective human….I see like gigantic kosmonavt bouncing between….yeah, we are souls in human body and just begin to wake up and learn the compassion…~ Great resonance with all this alchemy of brewing gold….~ Brilliant!


  2. This poem is amazing. I think the earth is indeed your muse considering how you grieve it. Or I guess I grieve it as a result of your words. Thank you for this poem, the earth thanks you too.

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  3. WOW! This is a spectacular poem. I was noting, in the early stanzas, the lines of incredible beauty, like “the shivering alchemy of soul and silver moonlight bubbled into another golden dawn.” I often ponder the contrast between the beauty of the earth and the chaos man creates upon it, so when it turned to how things are, I ached for earth……….and applauded your brilliance in writing this all so clearly.This is a truly remarkable write. I have made note of it. We might talk more about this in the days to come. Smiles.

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    1. Thanks Donna. It’s pretty bleak isn’t it, and positivity is hard to hang on to..but you’ve summed it up so nicely! We have to hear the unspoken words!


  4. It is horrifying to realize that the Earth’s future now relies on the one species least interested in its preservation. The shouts of those that care are but whispers on the wind.

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  5. Be sure one day she will have a good word for you . Love given will return one day ..surely .And the earth will know you , be patient till then

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