Time is on vacation,
curled up on my sofa,
sipping masala chai
from a brown clay cup,
flipping through albums
I never had,
shaking his head.

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26/3/2015: Shared on Poetry Jam (Tea or Coffee?)
11/6/2015: Linked to Poets United

47 thoughts on “#37

  1. I like the idea of flipping through albums never had. It has a mysterious feel to it really that I like. I usually do not suggest…but what do you think about changing the “his” to “my” so that the ‘my’ agrees the other ‘my’ and the “I.” It would be more grammatically consistent. What do you think?


    1. Thank you Mary. That’s a very useful observation. The ‘his’ refers to ‘Time’… not the I or my.. not sure if that came across that way! Appreciate your comment very much.


  2. I enjoyed this just as much the second time! I wouldn’t mind time taking a vacation for a while. Perhaps this would mean time would not pass quite so quickly!


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