A very interesting challenge at mindlovemiserysmenagerie on the well known painting by Edvard Munch – Scream- acknowledged, even by the artist, as an expression of his battle with mental illness.

However, it is said, there is a fine line between insanity and sheer genius.

A fine paper fence
splits reason and illusion,
the mind paints both sides;
brush strokes may, born of reason,
cast shadows of delusion.

flip your mind around
screams become soulful prayers
sunset turns to dawn


13 thoughts on “Scream

  1. Very keen consideration of the mind…..that it ‘paints both sides’ of the fence, reason and illusion. Really like what you’ve done here, with such a difficult subject.

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  2. I do like your thoughts, about the fine line between genius and illness. Genius has a crazy side to it indeed. I like how you pictured both reason and illusion in your tanka. And the haiku sets a gentle tone making me feel that after that deafening scream, there’d be silence.
    Very well-penned. 🙂

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