I wait for the night to grow quiet;
the traffic, the people, the birds,
just listen to those roses,
squabbling at 2 a.m.
and that dahlia, is it snoring?

I wait for the world to grow quiet;
for the yawning voices in my head
to shut up,
still discussing yesterday or last week,
no this was definitely last year.

Perhaps if I lie still,
turn off the chatter
of muttering joints,
rapping heart and
searching eyes.

Perhaps when world and night and body
pause in the vacuum,
stars don’t dare to twinkle,
clouds are riveted to the sky,
the wind waits, holding its breath.

Perhaps in that hush,
if I lie still,
and the roses stop fighting,
I can hear you call my name.
I wait for love to grow quiet.


41 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Beautiful turn in the end there, giving meaning to all that can before it. Ha, the flowers arguing. Well I can see it. I do like the peace when all the humans are sleeping.

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  2. I like the surreal nature of this poem…the roses squabbling and the dahlia snoring. And, oh if those muttering joints would be silent, it would make all the difference in the 2 a.m. world.

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  3. I love the image of the warring roses and snoring dahlias (which seems ominous to me). I think I’ll have to brush up on my hana-kotoba. Roses often, depending on color, are love and/or friendship, and dahlias intend change or betrayal. This would colour how read the ending. Quite nicely done.

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    1. Wasn’t thinking of the implied meaning of the flowers when I wrote it but the application of hana kotoba would definitely make it more layered. Thank you…something to keep in mind the next time I go wandering into a garden at 2AM 🙂

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  4. So gentle & sad & hopeful, this piece–& very Zen, talking to plants (for they can hear you, have emotions, appreciate love), & the simplicity, yet boldness in the “quiet” you seek, city, world, heart, & love, is actually transcendental, meditative. Nice job with the prompt.

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  5. Yes.. when rest of world is quiet.. art comes alive..
    in creative subconscious factory.. of imaginary
    toys.. of human mind and body.. in illustrious
    tears.. of life in light.. of sad in bright..
    of all of life.. in colors of rich..
    moon-lit lair.. of fair..
    in life..:)


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