Cannot Write an Honest Poem

Thoughts surge
at a feverish pace,
jostling, pushing,
slamming into each other,
stumbling over the carcasses
of dead ideas.

The lucky ones will survive
to teeter on the edge
of another day;

The overeager
plunge into an abattoir
of words,
emerging into the
punctuated shell
of a waiting poem,
hearts ripped out,
shorn of truth
and life.

27/8/15: Linked to Poets United

12 thoughts on “Cannot Write an Honest Poem

  1. Truth and life, ultimately that’s the heart of poetry. I like how you describe the process, the competition of thoughts and ideas. I suppose all poets can relate to that. Good write!


  2. It is your title that really intrigued me! And I must say I love it when I find a poet who writes ‘honest’ poetry rather than poetry that is ‘pulverized’ and ‘formless.’ Some good points made in your poem!


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