Not Having You

In the end,
it was not hard
to let you go.

rushed in,
a new tenant,
with a shiny key,
eyeing the still-warm couch.

In the end,
it wasn’t even awkward.

Not like the early ray,
that lost its way, reaching too soon
the shadowy eyes
of the sleeping night.

Not even like silence,
sneaking up the trailing dots
of the ellipsis that strung
your sentence to mine.

In the end,
there was no need
to let you go.

You went gently,
like melting snow,
the first shoots of spring,
would have no memory
of the winter that passed
before them.

26/4/2015: Linked to Poets United


35 thoughts on “Not Having You

  1. Sometimes, I think, a person gets used to the person going while they are still there. They accept what is inevitable somehow so that when it actually happens the feelings have already been dealt with. I do feel some numb emotion in this poem, which I suppose is one way that helps a person deal.

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  2. The key, the ellipsis, the melting snow…brilliant, brilliant, brilliant….the imagery here is stunning. Utterly divine. Loved it all. And probably even more so given that I find letting go to be the hardest thing on the planet to do….it is completely unfathomable to me that it might ever, ever be possible to say “In the end, it was not hard to let you go” so that concept captivated me right from the start 😉 All that to say, this is brilliant. Probably my favorite of yours yet!!


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