Getting Over

I think
I am living your life.
slipping it on like an old glove;
being you,
feeling your thoughts,
speaking your moods.

Why yesterday,
someone said, it was your smile
that almost reached
into my eyes.

I worry, someday,
you will come back,
and take it all away;
and I won’t remember
who I was before,
did I like mocha or chai latte.

But perhaps it was
a simple trade;
and somewhere,
you are frowning,
being me;

standing tip-toe
biting your lip,
pasting neon stars
on a naked sky,
thinking of you.

7/6/2015: Linked to Poets United

51 thoughts on “Getting Over

  1. Why yesterday,
    someone said, it was your smile
    that almost reached
    into my eyes.

    Its amazing how someone’s smile can be so infectious so as to reach us.. and cause us to smile as well..! Beautifully executed 😀

    Lots of love,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How busy and preoccupied our heads can be…the line ‘did I like mocha or chai latte’ is very profound..all those little pieces of our daily lives which we have to remember again once our circumstances change…it’s a hard old world out there…but a beautiful poem..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jae Rose… appreciate your response. Wasn’t able to leave a comment on your poem..hope this pings back to you.. I especially liked the lines “It never goes away you know
      You can’t write everything out” so true!


  3. This is really kind of a mind-bending poem. Two people having changed personas…and conscious of the fact that this has occurred plays with my sanity. Smiles.


    1. Thank you Mary… think it happens gradually over a long period of time, have seen couples who’ve started to sound similar after many years together .. or maybe the stronger persona tends to overcome the meeker one!! 😀


  4. This is a bit of a danger with love, that we take on so much of them that we forget ourselves. And in the after it can be so hard to find ourselves again. The fear of them coming back and taking that away. Intriguing verse.

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  5. the fact of missing some one so much as to lose oneself in a memory only to find the reality is also lost, truly an interesting write

    Thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Lime
    much love…


  6. that’s the power of love – making the couple interchangeable. it’s challenging though.

    also, arent we creative when we fall in love, even when we fall out of love?

    may not be necessarily related but it kind of reminded of the movie “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”

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  7. An amazing idea. I’m not sure if it’s more eerie or lovely! When I think of becoming more like my mom over the years, all the mother and daughter stuff comes up. And when I think of people I miss who have left me through intention or life changes or death, another whole set of emotions emerge. Good stuff!

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