Can it be enough?

Can it be enough
that we walk sometimes
down this road together;
must we find the path
no one has tread
in a million years,
where the cold stones yearn,
still wrapped in the echoes
of that last footfall.

Can it be enough
that we don’t speak of this love,
speak of us;
should we find the words
unsaid by a million books,
their weary pages,
rustling in vain
against the tired lips of lovers.

Can it be enough
that we just had
one moment together;
must there be forever,
must someone know,
must we claim a life
by a million others.


20 thoughts on “Can it be enough?

  1. Sometimes it must be enough – and then, I have found, it can be. At least that is so with fleeting encounters; not great in an ongoing relationship, however.


  2. Thought provoking . My interpretation is of the crippling rules and expectations we have placed on us to conform.Millions make the rules. Break them then be prepared for consequences.Good poem.

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  3. Ah. It works well if both feel this way… otherwise well, it is often the makings of many a novel and movie and many a late night LONG phone call between girlfriends. (my experience boys don’t really share heartbreak and such things like girls often do)

    I like the way you shape it here with the question “can it be enough” – obviously it is for you.

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