Come back inside.

After you left,
the morning chill
snaked up
your phantom
in our bed…

Is the mist
blurring your eyes,
veiling your head…

that you do not see
I’m trembling…

Pic Courtesy Suraj Saripella
01/07/15: Linked to Imaginary Garden

22 thoughts on “Hubris

  1. Agree with Brendan on the title–it seems to me it refers to the speaker, and if so, how potent the image of that absence–a mist that eats away the outline of the other. Or so I read.


    1. Thank you Hedgewitch, the title does refer to the speaker’s state of mind, worried only about his own condition. I took the idea from the picture….one little bird alone in the mist until a bigger one comes to question her, hands on hip!


  2. A moment of vulnerability perhaps, maybe shedding the hubris? That’s what I was wondering about the title, till I read your reply to Hedgewitch. πŸ™‚ Nicely done, Rajni.


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