All night long

Sleep huddled by the far wall,
peering through layers
of oppressive dark
that veiled her eyes,
while she sat motionless,
chasing a retreating past.

Daylight found them
still at odds,
she in a misty-eyed reverie,
sleep wide awake in the hall.

And on the window sill,
four new born dreams,
dead, from waiting
in the cold,
all night long.

19/4/15: Linked to Poets United


34 thoughts on “All night long

  1. There is such an important message here that your dreams must not be ignored but nurtured and allowed to prove themselves. They are indeed just like your children that must be encouraged to fulfill their potential.


  2. Really, this is a stunning poem. Really liked the ending with the new born dreams dead from waiting all night long. Ha, I can relate to this. Sometimes in those sleepless nights I wonder what I might have dreamed IF I were asleep. This imagery will stay with me!

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  3. “chasing a retreating past”—wow….I can relate…I have spent far too much time trying to do the same foolish thing myself 😛


    1. You’re right in calling it a foolish exercise C.C….the right thing would be to move forward of course, but that’s easier said than done sometimes.


  4. Why do we stare blankly when are about to sleep? Maybe to give us time to reflect on our dreams. Or maybe we are jusy insomia. 🙂


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